About P.I.E

Nation BuildHer™

Pamela I. Emmanuel, the Founder of Nation BuildHer, an authority in International Development and Woman’s Economic Development. Emmanuel, a polymath: former Award winning Hollywood Fashion Designer turned Int’l Businesswomen. As a certified United Nations UDHR Human Rights advocate with over 15 years of combined experience in International Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Emmanuel focuses on Women’s Economic Development & Capacity Building: Leadership & entrepreneurship by mentoring existing or aspiring Womenpreneurs with curriculum based programs designed to create greater wealth through vertical integration of their gifts & talents. Building Nations and the global economy by scaling entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, international trade & commerce. With a mission to empower women to achieve their highest potential and Reign as Kings. Her fingerprint can be seen through her business acumen in Northern & Southern America, Europe, Asia, and African territories catapulting once overlooked obscure nations to global prominence, building economies through eradication of poverty and other economic ventures in the Manufacturing & Textile sector. Emmanuel has been a spokeswoman, advocate and a leading voice in the advocacy of Women’s Economic development & empowerment for over a decade. She has been recognized by USAID, UN Women and United Nations Association of USA and has been invited to speak at various international platforms, including the EMPOWER Private Sector in Kosovo convention, UCLA’s African Women Entrepreneur Panel and the Commission on the Status of Women.

Emmanuel has an extensive background in both International Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship. Emmanuel started in the finance and banking sector working at JP Morgan Chase as a Financial Banker. Also an Executive Assistant to a retired insurance multimillionaire. Looking to find expression of her creative side she ventured into the luxury fashion industry where she started her career as a Hollywood Celebrity Designer, and PR Agent. Thus she founded her own Haute Couture Bridal Atelier ‘ DaughtersOfNonyelum.com . During this time, she made it possible for her and her clients’ creations to be featured in various media outlets like magazines, radio, film, television, and the internet. Her work has featured in prestigious magazines like VOGUE, People, Marie Claire, ThisDay Africa, USA Today, Daily Mail, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, to mention a few.  She has also been featured on TV networks such as Entertainment Tonight, E, Hollywood Access, Hollywood Today, Home & Family, America’s Next Top Model, and CW. In 2018, she was selected as a premier Royal Wedding Expert for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s nuptials on Al Rucker’s Radio Show.

Emmanuel attained the very coveted acceptance letter from the London College of Fashion (Business Management School) while simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in International Business at University of Houston. Her fashion career has awarded her opportunities to work with Royal families and A-List Hollywood Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Toni Braxton, Matthew McConaughey and Celine Dion. Marrying both Fashion and Finance, she has successfully merged her business acumen and entrepreneurial nature with her love for fashion and design as a Designer, Industry Leader, and International Trade Agent. This has awarded her the opportunity to be recognized by USAID & the EMPOWER Government private sector. She was also chosen as the United States of America International Trade Representative & Panelist amongst other apparel sector industry leaders globally due to her business ventures, poverty eradication efforts, and economic impact in the Manufacturing & Textile sector in the USA & various nations. In 2024 the Leading Platform for Voices & Leadership of Women’s Rights , the Commission on the Status of Women choose Emmanuel to organize a live parallel event at United Nations (CSW68). This official United Nations Commission of the Status of Women Parallel event featured an all-women panel of industry leaders, advocates, affluent serial entrepreneurs, global investors, United Nation delegates, and global representatives.

Emmanuel is an alumni of University of Houston, United Nations Institute with two certifications in International Diplomacy & Protocol and Human Rights from United States Institute of Diplomacy & Human Rights. A certification in International Development with Strategic Planning from the United States Institute of Business and International Development. She is a Philanthropist & Founder of organization ” Nation BuildHer™ ” , and Initiator of “African Women Fashionprenuers Program” an initiative in partnership with non profits & ngo’s globally raising $100K to economically empower 50-100 women fashionpreneurs to attain financial freedom by building sustainable businesses in Lagos Nigeria.

Emmanuel currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she founded her own Haute Couture Bridal Atelier ‘ DaughtersOfNonyelum.com ’, marrying both her creativity & faith  giving expression through inspiration AKingsPrayer.com ‘, and champions Prayer Campaigns such as the “Pray for America’ Prayer Campaign and “Pray for the Nations Prayer Campaign”. As an avid life long learner, Emmanuel continues to pursue higher education. As of recent Emmanuel studied finance at Yale University, Economics at Harvard University and Economic Development for Women at United Nations Institute. Emmanuel actively serves as the Authority in Women’s Economic Development Advocacy globally.